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Branded Property Pages on a Sharable Link that display all the Essential Details and High-Quality Visuals of your Property. 

Stunning, Professional, High-Quality Photography & Videography that will attract potential buyers.

Fast, 48-hour Turn Around Time & Same Day Bookings on all Small & Medium Packages.


Premium HDR Photography Tours

Professional, High Dynamic Range, Magazine Quality Photography showcasing the whole home as if we were walking through it together.

Starting from $99!

Branded Property Websites

Attract Potential Buyers with a Sharable Property Website that is Visually Stunning, Informative, and User-Friendly.

***All Property Pages are $20 and come with your order***

housexpo proeprty page sample1.jpg

4K Cinematic Walk-Through Video

Take your potential buyers on an immersive & detailed tour that highlights your property's high-end finishes, luxuries, and what it would feel like to live there.

Starting at $80!

4K Social Media Walk-Through Video

Use your Social Media as a tool to get thousands of potential buyers to view your House with our Professional Social Media Walk-Through Reels.

Starting at $80

Drone Aerials (Photo & Video)

Provide your buyers with unique and impressive perspectives that boast your property's size, lot, and surrounding attractions. 

Starting at $90


Twilight/Dusk Photography

Separate Your Listing by Making A Memorable Impression & A Emotional Connection with our Gorgeous Twilight/Dusk Photography

All Twilights are priced the same, no matter what Package Size***



1. Book an Appointment

Use our 24 Hour Booking Service, fill out your order,  receive a confirmation email securing your appointment time & date.

2. We Get The Job Done

A Professional Photographer will arrive at the property at the appointed time and date to complete your order (Take the Photos).

3. Receive your Package in 24 Hours

You will receive your Completed Tour in an email along with finish payment methods in 24 Hours.

Package Sizes


15-25 Photos

X-Small Properties

(Less than <1000sqft.)

1 Bedrooms, Studio Apartments, Lofts, Tiny Homes, Micro Units, Etc.


25-40 Photos

Small Properties


Small Semi-Detached/Detached Homes, Townhouses, Bigger Condo Units, Bungalows, Etc.


40-60 Photos

Medium Properties

(2500-3500 sqft.)

Medium Detached Homes, 3-5 Bedrooms, Multiple Ensuites, Multiple Common Areas, Etc.


60-75 Photos

Large Properties


4-6 Bedrooms, Ensuites for Every Bedroom, Multiple Living Areas, Butler's Quarters, Etc.


75-100 Photos

X-Large Properties


6+ Bedrooms, Ensuites for All Bedrooms, Multiple Common Areas, Large lot, Etc.



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Zone 1

Free of Travel Charge








Richmond Hill

North York



Zone 2

$40 Travel Fee












Zone 3

$80 Travel Fee

Niagara Falls

St. Catherines





Prince Edward



Kawartha Lakes


Owen Sound

Zone 4

$120 Travel Fee

Lion's Head

Dyer's Bay

Cape Chin



$140 Travel Fee


Orchard Park


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  • How fast is Turn-Around time?
    Official Turn-Around time is 24 hours on all Small and Medium orders. Large & XL size orders will be subject to a 48-Hour Turn around time. All Virtual Staging is delivered in 24-48 Hours (Depending on Property Size).
  • How will I receive my Photos?
    You will receive your photos along with payment options in an email with links to all of your media once your order is complete.
  • How do I prepare my property for a Photo Tour?
    Before your home is photographed it is ideal that: -The Property is cleaned (swept, mopped, clean mirrors, windows, etc.) -Cleared of Clutter or any obstructing or distracting objects that you may not want in your Tour (Dog cages, cat beds, dishes, vacuums, kid's toys, etc.) -Kitchen counters are clean and natural (No need to remove knife blocks, coffee-makers, every-day kitchen items as long as they are presentable.) -All TVs/Monitors are OFF (Unless you specifically want this look.) -All Lights are on -All burned out bulbs are replaced (All lights work) -All personal pictures/items are removed (anything you don't want on the internet should be hidden away) Note: We charge for any extra photoshop work/blurring -All cars are off of the driveway before the Photographer arrives on site -All garbage cans/bins are hidden
  • Am I paying for everything upfront?
    No. It is Free to book an appointment and once completed your package will be sent to you via email with payment methods.
  • What payment methods do you take?
    We take Credit, Visa Debit, E-Transfer & Cash. **Note: If you are paying cash you will be paying no taxes, and 100% upfront the day of the Tour. If you'd like to pay by Cash or E-Transfer please email: with a screenshot (or type out) of your order sheet before the "Pay Deposit Now" in Booking and we will send you a confirmation email confirming your appointment. **E-Transfer Payments are still subject to taxes & deposits.
  • Does everything come edited?
    Yes, anything & everything we send to our clients is Professionally edited.
  • What happens if I need to cancel last minute?
    All orders can be cancelled or rescheduled in your confirmation email, free of charge, 24 Hours before the scheduled shoot. You will be qualified for a Full Refund. Persons whom cancel less than 24 Hours before will be able to reschedule free of charge with their initial deposit, however, will be charged a Cancellation fee of $40.
  • Do I need to be present during the Photo Tour?
    No, nobody needs to be present during the Photo Tour, however, you are always welcomed to stay.
  • Do the Home Owners need to leave while the Tour is being conducted?
    No the Home Owners do not need to leave their home during the Photo Tour, however, it is popular for Home owners to leave while they get their house photographed, and in this case the Photographer will turn off all of the lights, and lock all the doors when finished.
  • If I provide a Lockbox code, will you shoot a home unattended?
    Yes, and once finished the Photographer will shut off all the lights (unless specified otherwise), Lock all of the doors, Put the key back in the lockbox and scramble the code. On the way out, the Photographer will send a cell phone photo of the locked lock box and the front of the property with all the lights off to confirm our job is done.
  • What happens if the Photographer needs more time?
    All of our Services & Packages are designed to have more than enough time to complete the task, however, if more time is needed at fault of the Home Owner or Realtor (Property Not Ready) an additional $60/h rate will be added to the order. If the Photographer needs more time to ensure that the Tour is High Quality no fees will be added.
  • What happens if I or the Photographer are late?
    Both parties are given a 15 minute grace period to be late. After this the client will be charged a $20 late fee. If the Photographer is late the client will save $20 on their order.
  • What if the weather doesn't allow a Tour to take place?
    We highly encourage our clients to check the weather for their desired date before booking to ensure the weather is okay. We still conduct Photo Tours if it's raining/snowing as it doesn't affect the Photo Tours (Blue Sky Guarantee), however, if it's severe weather where it affects both parties commutes and it is agreed to cancel, no fees will be charged. **Note: Drone Tours cancelled due to rainy weather will be rescheduled ASAP.
  • Do you take pictures inside Closets or Garages?
    No, we do not take pictures of closets unless they are nice walk-in closets, nor do we take pictures of garages unless they are nice garages and you request photos of it. **Please Note: Our intentions with all of our Tours is to boast your Property's Living Space.


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