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Drone Aerial Visuals

Go Above & Beyond your Client's Expectations and Take your Listing Above the rest with stunning Aerial Visuals. Make your Listings more attractive and easier for potential buyers to envision the property's size and layout, as well as its location in relation to surrounding amenities and landmarks.

Please Note: Video is sped up, Drone Tours are slower to be more Cinematic.

Get Selling Angles That You Can't Get From The Ground 


And Show Off Your Area's Attractions


All Drone Tours Will Consist of 10 Guaranteed Property Photos & Area Attractions within 4km

Some Properties will have more Drone photos based on size and location. We Guarantee 10 Angles but you may receive more, Our Goal When Flying is to make your home as Attractive As Possible and if we find extra angles while doing so we will include them with No Additional fees.

As far as Area Attractions go, we like to Highlight Schools, Plazas, Malls, Parks, etc. within 4km of the Property. Anything that may spark a buyers interest in the area is what we strive to photograph. And of course if you have specifics you can mention them in the "additional notes" when booking or with the Photographer.

Below is a Sample Drone Tour showcasing the 10 Guaranteed Angles & Some Area Photos

Drone Videography Sample Tour

Please Note: Our Video Tours will not display the address as the way shown above. 

Drone Aerial Portfolio

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